About Derrick Modest

Derrick Modest is a well-educated disabled veteran with over 30 years of experience obtaining disability and retirement compensation as a military veteran. Here is a summary of his experience:

  • He has worked as a Disabled American Veterans as a National Service Officer – Attorney-In-Fact Accredited to advocate for VA benefits and an officer in the organization as a champion for VA benefits as a whole with Chapters, District, Department, and on the National Level holding numerous positions
  • Subsequently, he became a VA employee as a Veteran Service Representative – adjudicator who communicated with veterans via telecommunication, letters, etc., developed and paid granted benefits
  • Veteran Rating Service Representative – in-depth developer and decision maker for all types of claims
  • After retiring from the organization, he became a Professional Guardian with an emphasis on assisting severely disabled veterans with their finances and personal affairs in all types of governmental, court, and civilian organizations
  • He is an approved VA Accredited Agent with a heavy emphasis on the VA claims appeals processes
Derrick Modest - VA Claims Agent


AAS Legal Assistance/Paralegal with Areas of Concentration in the following:

Introduction to Legal Assistance, Techniques of Interview and Investigation, Legal Research and Writing I & II, Computerized Legal Research (Westlaw), Probate and Estate Planning I & II, Family Law I, Business Law I & II, Law Office Management, Corporations, Real Estate I & II, Legal Assistance Seminar, Communication I, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Human Factors in Supervision, Anatomy and Physiology II, and Business Ethics.

Management and National Veteran Training Institute (NVTI) academies in Denver Colorado sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) areas of concentration in the following: Leadership, Managing Personnel, Problem Solving, Legal Supplement, DAV Supplement, and Time, Stress, Change, and Conflict Management.

Attended a two-week orientation in Washington, DC visiting and working at the following facilities: The Board of Veterans’ Appeals (I wrote 20 informal presentations and administrative errors), United States Court of Appeals of Veteran’s Claims (CAVAC), Military Board of Corrections and Upgrade Discharges, Physical Evaluation Board, Central Office, and DAV Headquarters.

Attended the Disabled American Veterans Academy intertwined with the University of Colorado with areas of concentration to include case analysis in the following:

Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Speech, Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment Training, Communication, Legal Research I, Claims File Analysis, and several other veteran matters. Additionally, I have also received training for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, Court of Veterans Appeals, Discharge Review Board, and Physical Evaluation Board claims.

Graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.


Military – Good Conduct, National Defense Service, Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development, Aircraft Crewmember, Army Service, Overseas Service, and Sharpshooter Rifle and Grenade ribbons or medals, Certificate of Training and Achievement for completing an additional 6 courses for helicopter repairman while in Advance Instructional Training (AIT), Certificate of Completion or Graduation from Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Headstart for Germany Orientation, Primary Leadership & Development Course (PLDC), and Retirement. Additionally, I also took a host of Military Correspondence Courses for career advancement.

Disabled American Veterans– Fred Prior Seminar in Management, Certificate of Training and Completion for National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI for Professional Skills Development Course) and DAV Management and Leadership Training Course at the University of Colorado, National Service Officer Orientation Seminar in Cold Springs, Kentucky; National Service Officer Recruiter Award (1996-1997 & 1997-1998 for membership), and Past Commander’s Award for DAV Chapter 9.

Department of Veterans Affairs– Certificate of Completion for Reader Writer Focus Training, Stand Down for DAV Chapter 9 participation and Stand Down Tampa Bay in 1995, On the Spot Award from Barbara Harker, Service Center Manager, Special Contribution, Gainsharing I & II Awards received August 25, 2000, May 15, 2000, and July 27, 2000, respectively, Attended Hearing Officer’s class on September 19, 2000, Income Verification Match (IVM) and Veteran Administration Inquire (VAI) Coordinator for Team 60, and recently our team is Self-Directed, Assistant Team Leader, Member of the Black History Committee, and Attended Mandatory Award Recognition Training on May 2, 2001, for Team Leaders and Coaches, and Special Contribution Award.

Related Work History

October 2007 to Present – VA Legal Custodian/Fiduciary, Social Security Payee, and Professional Guardian.

April 2002 to June 2006 – Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in St. Petersburg, Florida, as a Rating Veteran Service Representative.

February 1999 to April 2002 – Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in St. Petersburg, Florida, as a Veteran Service Representative (VA Benefits Counselor and Claims Examiner).

March 1995 to February 1999 – National Service Officer with the Disabled American Veterans.

August 1990 to March 1994 – United States Army as a first-line supervisor (Non-Commissioned Officer (E-5)), for the Military Occupation Specialist (MOS) Observation Scout Helicopter Repairman (OH-58 A/C).

Mission Statement

If you are committed to helping me to help you through your VA claims journey, your commitment will be matched every step of the way with unyielding passion, consistent communication, and follow-through on claims submissions, development, and appeals.